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On-line Rebates

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Welcome to the On-line rebate center! On-line rebate submission is available 24 to 48 hours after your purchase date. Please note we only accept on-line rebate submissions for Sears rebates. Manufacturers' rebates for items purchased at Sears must be redeemed according to the terms of the rebate form you received when you purchased the item.

For some rebates, you may have more than one receipt that needs to be entered to qualify for the rebate. For each receipt, please enter the 3 required fields, then click on the "Add my Receipt" button.

Once you've added all your receipts, make certain they're in the list below and then press "Calculate My Rebates" to see the rebates for which you're qualified.

1. Salescheck #:
2. Receipt Date:
/ /
3. Receipt Total:

If your receipt does not look like the one at the right, please examine some of these other receipt types:

  • (single item purchase)
  • (multiple item purchase)
  • Sears Auto Center
  • Sears Contract Sales
Sears Receipt
Summary of Receipts
Salescheck # Receipt Date Receipt Total